Valentine’s Day at HHS Library


Melanie Bilbao and Lubanah Alayoubi

Valentine’s Day is almost here! You know what that means.

This month, the HHS library will be hosting a series of Valentine’s Day activities. Choose from a variety of good reads based on their pick-up lines. That’s right, books have pick-up lines too!

 At the entrance of the library, there are piles of wrapped books on display that are waiting to be discovered. The beginning line of every book is attached to its cover so that the students can decide which pick-up line wins them over the most.

Have you heard of the novels Dear John, Safe Haven, and The Wedding? If so, then the Nicholas Sparks collection is the perfect series for you! Since Nicholas Sparks is a brilliant author who primarily writes romance novels, his writing pieces are the perfect reads for Valentine’s Day. That is why the HHS library has devoted a personalized book display for Sparks and his works. The display is called, “Sparks Fly” and is located next to the front desk of the library. 

Finally, any student who signs out a book during the month of February will receive a raffle ticket for the February raffle. Every Friday, there will be two raffle winners who will receive a special treat along with many goodies.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by the HHS library today!