The Peer Leaders Are Back!


Tom Tricoli, Staff Writer

HHS’s very own Peer Leaders club, supervised by Ms. Clifford and Mr. Corvo has started to meet again following the hiatus sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Peer Leaders club is a group of students who are committed to spreading positivity through the school building by preaching the acceptance of all students. In the past the club has hosted mental health workshops hosted by trained professionals. Another highlight of the club is their yearly participation in the Passaic County Teen Summit. Each year the county tasks schools with a project in ranging mediums, to tackle important issues such as, recognizing mental illnesses in your friends, inclusivity, the dangers of drug addiction, and anti bullying. Last year, our Peer Leaders were tasked with a 90 second PSA to show the dangers of bullying. After filming on the coldest day of the year, club members worked very hard to trim down the almost 4 minute video down to just 90 seconds. Unfortunately upon its completion, the Peer Leaders were not able to present the PSA at the Teen Summit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this past May a virtual event was hosted in which the PSA was awarded with a 4th place prize out of almost 20 schools that competed. Although the club is yet to be tasked with this year’s project, the Peer Leaders have begun discussion on how new members will be inducted and what events could possibly be hosted. For any sophomores, juniors, or seniors looking to join you could reach out to either of the club advisors or any of the senior members. Hawthorne High School is excited to see what the Peer Leaders will accomplish this year.