Yoga during PE Google Meets


Kaleah Morrison, Staff Writer

As the school year continues, the COVID-19 cases are unfortunately starting to rise again. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, Hawthorne High School has shut its doors and prepared for a closing. With multiple cases of COVID-19 being diagnosed in the high school, it has caused for its temporary closure. This might excite other students, promoting more time to go out and do as desired. Or it can upset other students as they might not be able to concentrate as well remotely as they could in a classroom. There are a lot of new complications to consider, now with the high school closing so suddenly. Now that all students are virtually learning, classes are still mandatory and every student must be in their virtual class in time every day that they meet. In physical education classes, the teachers are trying their best to teach what the students are required to participate in and learn. The senior gym class teacher, Ms. Gerdes, has implemented a new and fun way to continue with gym class at home during google meets! You may ask how someone can teach gym class virtually, but Ms. Gerdes definitely makes it work. First of all, before the high school was announced as closed due to positive COVID-19 cases, Ms. Gerdes informed that a blanket or towel was needed for classes in the future, as the seniors would begin yoga. The seniors would participate in yoga once a week during in school teaching, usually outside, as their physical education grade. With the unfortunate and sudden school closing, Ms. Gerdes allows for the whole class to participate in the yoga remotely while at home. These online yoga sessions happen once a week for each senior year class, because of everyone becoming a fully remote student.

Before beginning the yoga session, Ms. Gerdes kindly greets the class and makes sure that everyone is there. Next, she creates a screen for the whole class to view, allowing the student to have full view and access to what to she’s showing. To receive full credit and points for participation, you must have your chromebook set up, so that you can be clearly viewed and fill out the form at the end of the meet. Ms. Gerdes highly recommends to the students to engage in the yoga activities in a room where you can comfortably open your legs and arms widely. The yoga videos shown have an instructor that calmy guides you throughout the whole process, while doing it as well. This makes it easier for the students as they can look at the instructor for help with a position if needed. These yoga videos are different every class, as they target different parts and areas of the body. For example, today in class the yoga session focused on back stretches, which was highly requested from the students. While the video with the yoga instructor plays, Ms. Gerdes watches and scans the class to make sure that everyone is fully participating and paying attention to the lesson.  In conclusion of these videos, Ms. Gerdes puts a google form in the chat, for everyone to complete in order to receive full credit for the day. In these google forms, she provides questions asking how the yoga session went for you, and if you would try it again on your own. In my opinion, Ms. G is doing an amazing job at keeping students busy during gym class, even while at home. Hopefully with the safety precautions everyone has been taking, and the others possibly at risk quarantining, we will get through this chaotic time soon. I think we all can agree that 8 weeks wasn’t enough of in school learning, especially for the seniors. Ofcourse, the Bears will always stay strong and we’ll come back even stronger! Please stay home and stay safe if you’re feeling under the weather. GO BEARS!