HHS School Year 2020-2021: COVID Edition



Kellie Owens, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19, Hawthorne High School had to change its schedule from the rotating schedule, to A & B Cohorts. Because of the new schedule, when one cohort is in school, the other cohort is at home which can be challenging to some students. The Clarion interviewed some of the HHS students and asked them their opinion of HHS this year.

Alana Iachetti: I think it’s good that we are virtual right now, but hope it doesn’t last too long. I don’t want to miss out on prom or graduation since that’s one of the most important things for me when I think about senior year.

Shannon Bryant: I think it’s very hard and difficult.

Gabriel Brevet: I think staying virtual is the safest bet for everyone in reducing both passing the virus around the school and giving it to entire families. I don’t want to miss out on prom and stuff, but honestly it’s the safest. I feel it’s good prep for college, only having one or two lectures a week then the rest being online is how college was going to work regardless of the pandemic so I feel it’s preparing us better.

Anonymous 1: I don’t mind it, but it’s stressful at times because sometimes teachers give a lot of work at some points.

Anonymous 2: I think that teachers need to keep in mind that just because we are at home doesn’t mean we have time for extra work. Work should be kept at the same amount as it was when we were in school normally. The schedule is good, I like how it’s set up then we have the breaks. Overall, I think that people are definitely understanding and are flexible considering what’s going on so that helps a lot too, considering this is all new. I think that we are trying the best we can.