Light Up Hawthorne


Kerianne O'Gara, Staff Writer

The annual tree lighting and parade has been a tradition in our town for years, and the pandemic won’t change that. Even amidst everything that is going on, our town has still found a way to keep the community  events that everyone loves from being canceled. Sure it will be different, but that won’t stop it from being cheerful and festive.

Mayor Goldberg has announced that the tree lighting will take place virtually this year. The parade will occur at the same time as the tree lighting and will be led by the Fire Department and Ambulance Corps and will end with the Hawthorne Police Department. Families in the town are included too!

The town encourages you to decorate your vehicle and join the parade to add to the cheer and holiday spirit. The parade will pass by the tree where those in attendance will be able to wave to Santa, who will assist in lighting the tree. Furthermore, anyone who comes will receive free ornaments, hot chocolate, and cookies for as long as the supplies are available. Everyone is welcome to come join the fun, or if you prefer to stay home the event will be viewable on Facebook Live on December 4 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

In addition to keeping up with old traditions, the town has decided to create a new event this year called “Light Up Hawthorne.” In order to participate, families are requested to decorate their houses for Christmas. This will allow other residents to drive by and enjoy your work. This event is a way to bring more holiday spirit to the town during a period of time that is very difficult and troubling for everyone.

So if you feel like doing something lighthearted and cheerful this year to escape from the reality we’re living in, Hawthorne has made sure that there are still holiday events to participate in. So come join the holiday fun!