Possible Future Culinary Plans!


Kaleah Morrison, Staff Writer

As predicted, Hawthorne High School has once again closed its doors for the time being due to the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases. With these sudden changes and closings, it’s hard for students and especially teachers to prepare for the next step with their classes. As a result of the previous sudden closing, a few teachers came up with a plan beforehand, in order to be extra prepared in case of another incident. For example, the art teacher Ms. Russo gave her art students a portfolio bag filled with art supplies to last for weeks to come. Unfortunately, not every teacher could prepare for such a sudden closing, leaving them to ponder ideas to explore for the upcoming classes. Now with google meets being the temporary form of classes, a few that are hard to meet online in general, are art and culinary classes. While school was in session two days a week, on the days students had culinary, they would of course prep and make meals. Art classes had the luxury of being able to draw and complete their projects. Now home with their portfolio bags, the art classes will be able to keep up for included in these bags were various worksheets, canvases, paints, paper, and brushes.

Unfortunately with culinary class, we all know that you can’t really send home a bag with ingredients weeks in advance, as food would become spoiled and it would be a waste of product. This is what makes culinary very difficult to keep up with online. Now with the schools immediate closing, our culinary teacher Ms. Dockray has to come up with a new plan. Of course we know Ms. Dockray will always do her best to meet her students’ needs. During google meet class, Ms. Dockray mentioned a plan for her students to pick up a few ingredients available at school. These ingredients would be limited, so that students wouldn’t have too much to bring home. Ms. Dockray also mentioned to the class that 4 ingredient recipes were an idea she has for the upcoming plan. Students would have to meet at the school to sign off their name and pick up their culinary ingredients. If this idea can truly become a reality it would be a spectacular way to really engage in the class.  If picking up the supplies is an issue for the student, she would go out of her way to make sure they have it so that students will be learning how to cook in their own homes. Hopefully all the students and staff can return to HHS soon. It’s always better to be there in person amongst your teachers and peers. Together, Hawthorne will get through this rough patch soon, and get back to where we were before. Remember to wash your hands, follow social distancing rules, and GO BEARS! Have an amazing Thanksgiving.