Fish ‘N’ Chips Dinner


Anthony Puluse, Staff Writer

It was a really great day playing with the Jazz Band at the Fish ‘N’ Chips Dinner. It was a fundraiser for the Marching Band. We were at the parking lot of Bamford Avenue. It was a pleasure for me to play the drums with Jazz Band. The songs we played were “Hola Senor Loco” by Victor Lopez, “Moondance” by John Berry, and “Pick Up The Pieces” by Victor Lopez.

My sister Bella just recently joined Jazz Band, and she plays the bass. My friend Logan was there. Christopher was also there, as well as Estelle, Ryan, Paul, Daniel, Meadow, Victoria, Sophia, TJ and Lindsay. We had a lot of fun playing music and talking to one another. My pal Ermir was there too, but not with Jazz Band. He volunteered for the Fish ‘N’ Chips dinner. He’s still a musician, and he plays the clarinet with the marching band. I saw some of the band parents on the job. My mom and dad really liked by musical ability and they were also there. Some of my other friends were also there but not in concert band. Our band instructor Mr. Williams was there too, conducting us in a great symphony of Jazz.

We’ve had such a good time at that fundraiser playing for a good cause, the High School Marching Band.