HHS Spirit Week!


Ella Perini, Staff Writer

The fourth and final marking period of the 2020-21 school year will begin on April 12. With that will come the return of many formerly virtual students back into the building. This year has been absolutely crazy due to Covid, and it is no secret that many fun and exciting events of a typical school year have been unable to occur. With that being said, the HHS Student Council hopes to bring some sense of normalcy and school spirit back into the high school by hosting a spirit week! 

This spirit week will take place the week of April 26-30, and will be filled with many new and exciting themed days this year. Starting off the week is Maui Monday. This one is simple, just wear any Hawaiian or tropical gear. It’s the perfect occasion to pull out those Hawaiian shirts, leis, bucket hats, and fanny packs. Next is a brand new theme this year with TMZ Tuesday. On this day, students and staff will dress as their favorite celebrity, musician, or athlete. Next up is Blue & White Wednesday. For our only virtual day of the week, we can keep it simple, lounging at home in Bear Wear. Thursday is Color Wars! Each class will wear a different color, and whichever class has the most representation wins. This year, seniors wear black, juniors wear red, sophomores wear pink, and freshmen wear purple. Finally to round out the week we have another brand new theme, Festive Friday. For this day, students and staff will dress like their favorite holiday. For example, for 4th of July you could wear red, white, and blue.

With this spirit week will also come hallway decorating. This event typically takes place in the fall during the week of Homecoming, but was unable to occur this year. Luckily, we are bringing it back this spring! It will take place on Wednesday after school, and will be competitive and exciting as always! I am very excited for this spirit week to happen, and as a senior, I think it will be something very memorable for me in this otherwise disappointing year. So get ready HHS, because Spirit Week is coming!