Opinion Article: The HHS Class of 2021 Should Be Dismissed First EVERYDAY!


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High school classroom

Vinny Morano, Senior Editor

In an effort to keep the in-person students of Hawthorne High School at a safe and at a reasonable capacity when being dismissed from the building, the administration came up with the very intelligent idea to dismiss students by their grade level. While this idea was great and very smart, I and pretty much the whole senior class, disagrees with the daily rotation of which grade level leaves first, and believes that the seniors should leave first EVERYDAY.

After talking to many of my fellow seniors about this situation, they all agree that being dismissed first should be almost a no-brainer, as all of our other senior privileges that the seniors of HHS usually get were taken from us due to COVID-19 restrictions.

If you think about it, the class of 2021 is missing out on things this year like Superstars, getting to pick out our lockers on the downstairs floor, and most importantly, getting an open lunch. With all of these things being taken from us, I would think administration would give us the tiny privilege of being dismissed first everyday, but no, they didn´t.

I think I speak for the entire class of 2021 when I say that we feel it is only fair that we get to be dismissed first EVERYDAY, as it is potentially one of the only privileges we have left. We´ve put four years of our heart and soul into this school, and it would be amazing the get a little bit of that compassion back.