HHS Art Show


Drawing by Gianna Morel, HHS Junior

Liliana Reilly, Staff Writer

The HHS Art Show this past Friday was a massive success. 

There were art exhibits  by the AP students, such as Isabelle Robinson, Gabby Sandoval, Kayla Brady, Emma Wolf, and  Emmy Armstrong.  All featured different colors, themes, and ideas, not to mention they were all so beautifully done. 

The attention to detail all of these amazing young artists have  is insane, not to mention all of their creative ideas; from incorporating Criminal Minds and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream into a piece of work along with colorful self portraits by Emma Wolf, and the insane attention to detail portraits by Isabelle Robinson with her exhibits theme of Disconnect

All of the art works were amazing with cultural pieces by Sandoval, contrast art pieces by Brady, and lastly artworks of “women who shaped the way she is as a theater performer” by Emmy Armstrong.  

Not only did HHS students get to see these amazing exhibits, they also got to see all the hard work the other art students are doing.  There was amazing pop art, portraits, and other photography and illustrator projects by the beginner/intermediate art class as well as Mr. DiLonardo’s media arts class. 

So many great talents were shown on Friday, and we can not forget to thank our amazing art teachers, Ms. Russo, Ms. Ambrogio and Mr. DiLonardo!