The Summer Between High School and College: a Weird Time


Jean Walsh, Staff Writer

As high school graduation is quickly approaching, it really gets you thinking about how our senior class will be splitting up and all going our own separate ways.

In less than a month, we will no longer be going to school with people that we have known almost our whole lives, and it will definitely be weird at first. The summer going into freshman year of college is going to be a big transition time for all of us, so here are some things that I will be doing in order to alleviate my stress a bit, and hopefully this can help other seniors as well.

Working all summer to make as much money as you can does sound tempting, but as someone who is going away for college, I know that I will need some time for myself before I leave.

Those couple weeks that I will have to myself before I head off to college will allow me to get my life in order. I am going to have to go dorm room shopping, which is something that I will do during this time. Lastly, this time will give me more time to spend with friends and family before I won´t see them for a few months.