Bears Decisions 2021


Ella Perini, Staff Writer

May 1st is approaching and approaching fast! It is a day filled with excitement, pride, and maybe even nerves. It is the ever important day for high school seniors, including all of the seniors here at HHS! For those who may be unaware, May 1st is what is known as Decision Day. It is the day nationwide that students finally must make that ever important decision and commit to a college. It is the day when forms and payments are due. It is the day that everything becomes official. It is the day seniors become college students. Naturally, this day is a very exciting one, as well as the month leading up to it. Pretty much the entire month of April, a new student commits to a school. It can be hard to keep track, but it is very exciting to see where all of your classmates are going to college.

That is why the @bearsdecisions21 Instagram page is such a fun way for students to interact and learn about the futures of the Hawthorne High School class of 2021. As seniors commit to colleges and other plans for the future, the Instagram page features students, the schools they will be attending, and their intended majors. It is not only a great way to see where everyone is going to school, but it also shows all that our senior class has accomplished, and brings recognition to all of the hard work that they have done to get to where they are.

The first post on the Instagram page was made on Tuesday, April 6, and certainly has not stopped since. The account now has over 55 seniors posted, and it’s not even the end of April yet! Each time a new senior is posted, their picture is flooded with likes and comments of congratulations. This account is run through HHS and the Student Council President. It is an amazing thing that we have here at Hawthorne High School, and I strongly encourage you all to go follow it and show support for our amazing seniors!