Senior Superstars

Ella Perini, Staff Writer

As the year draws to a close, the ending days of May and June will be filled with senior activities. From prom, to graduation, to yearbook signing, there are many exciting events for seniors to look forward to. One of the most exciting of these coming events is Senior Superstars. Typically, this event takes place in the HHS gym and has teams from each gym class facing off against each other in fun athletic events. This year, the event will look slightly different. First off, the event will not be taking place in the gym because of Covid-19 capacity restrictions and will instead be taking place on the HHS track and football field. I actually prefer this to the gym, because the weather will be nice, and more events will be able to take place in the larger area.

This year, teams will also not be divided by gym class. Instead, all of the gym teachers held a draft of all the senior students, and attempted to make even teams that allowed students to also be with their friends. There are 5 teams, each led by a different gym teacher; Mrs. Gerdes, Ms. Peene, Mr. Letterese, Mr. Guarnieri, and Mr. Warner. Each team was able to vote for two captains, as well as a team t-shirt color. There will also be many new events added this year that are only possible because the event is outside. These events include a relay on the track and Hawthorne favorite, Speedball. This is a very fun and exciting event for seniors, and a chance for everyone to just come together as a class and enjoy something that we didn’t know if we’d be able to due to Covid. I am really looking forward to Senior Superstars, and cannot wait to see which team will leave with the victory!