An Opinion: Two Small Of A Limit?


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Toilet door in a modern secondary school.

Gianna Gatto, Staff Writer

A two person bathroom limit may be one of the most annoying things at a high school according to many students. Although most can agree a bathroom limit can be a good thing at times, but what limit would be considered an extreme?

If you ask a student in Hawthorne High School how they feel about the bathroom limit in their school they will either think it’s annoying, or has had no affect on them. The bathroom limit has been established in Hawthorne High School to provide safety among students and staff from Covid 19.

This limit has sparked some anger with students who may not have enough time between classes and lunch to go to the bathroom. They now see this bathroom limit as another roadblock they keep running into on a daily basis.

Narita Batej a freshman at HHS was interviewed and asked the question, “How do you feel about the bathroom limit?” She replied, “If I had to use the bathroom very badly, I would either have to walk to the other bathroom or I would have to wait for a girl to come out of the bathroom…students could just socially distance themselves to wash their hands and could wait inside the bathroom until someone comes out because there’s only 4 stalls.”

Aidan Walker, another freshman at HHS thought differently by saying, “I feel like that bathroom limit is a good thing because Covid is still going on and I think we need to calm down with the bathroom only letting two people in at a time.”

After talking to many other students about the bathroom limit, it can be easily said that students are bothered by it, but understand the reason as to why the limit has been put in place. 

 The two person limit is difficult to maneuver around for many students and they want a change. But this change may have to wait until the Covid 19 cases decrease in Hawthorne.