Technology in Hawthorne High School


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Maria Nunez, Staff Writer

Technology is a big part of our world today.

Hawthorne High School provides students and staff with technology. After Covid 19 started, mostly everything turned toward technology. Students and staff had to do their work on computers. The school provides all students with Dell Chromebooks. 

The chromebooks are a huge help for all the students here in Hawthorne High School. Many students do not have a computer of their own or any form of technology at home. The school providing students with chromebooks allows students to do their work and not have to worry about not having a device because they have the school chromebook to use when necessary. 

The HHS Staff are also provided with technology. The High School provides the staff with a lot of technology. They get chromebooks where they can do their work. In the classroom they have a projector and speakers which helps them project their visual tools better. It also helps students understand easier.

Teachers can project something on the board giving students a more visual idea of what they are learning. They can also play something and the students can all listen. Most classrooms also have a computer for the teachers to use. So they have a chromebook and computer which they use to make learning better for students. Overall, the technology in Hawthorne High School is very good and it provides students with a better education. 

When there is something wrong with the chromebooks, the school has a “Chrome Depot.” In the “Chrome Depot” anyone that has a problem with their chromebooks can go there and whoever is in charge will try their best to fix and handle the problem. This is a great thing for students. The problem can be fixed in very little time. 

Technology is a big part of our world today. Hawthorne High School provides students and staff with the technology that is necessary and will help teach and enhance our learning experience. Without it things in school would be very different.