HHS Pep Rally


Cadence O, Staff Writer

This Friday, the Hawthorne High School hosted its annual Pep Rally.

It’s where we all come together to appreciate our fall sports. It was hosted on the field, and every grade sat separately on the bleachers. There were super fun posters that represented each grade.

The Pep Rally started with our lovely seniors Jayden Shwed and Allison Perini announcing. Before they actually introduced any athletes, the band was there performing our national anthem. Then our cheerleaders were called name by name and they walked out onto the field and began their performance. Everyone was super ecstatic while they danced to their usual soundtrack. The cheer routines were a joy to watch, keeping everyone on their feet!

Next up was girls’ varsity tennis, followed by the varsity girls soccer team. There’s not many of us so we didn’t take up much time. Our seniors Gabby Devalle, Ruby Conroy, Mya Huerta, Briana Andreoli, Maya Cabrera, and Cammi Hoyt announced the whole entire team.

Next on the list was the JV and varsity girls’ volleyball team. They are 3rd in their league for North Jersey! On that note, girls sports were concluded.

Next up was boys soccer: they have a varsity and JV team. Their captains Zak Maali, Benett Megnin, Max Bolanos, and Jad Alshamah led the team onto the field where they stood all together for a picture.  

Finally, football was announced by Captain Jayden Swhed. Jayden made it super exciting by announcing  each player with a funny and unique nickname. As the football players made their way down, they were accompanied by the cheerleaders. After each player was welcomed, they all huddled together and it ended the pep really on a great note.

Go Bears!