School Lunch: An Opinion


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STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT – SEPTEMBER 08: A student picks up a free individually bagged lunch in the cafeteria during the first day of school at Stamford High School on September 08, 2020 in Stamford, Connecticut. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many school districts nationwide delayed the first day of school until after the Labor Day weekend. Stamford Public Schools started the semester with a hybrid model, which includes in-class learning every other day. Many families, however, chose the distance learning option due to fears of COVID-19 transmission between students. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Gianna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

School Lunches, how do we feel about them? When we think of school lunches, we think of free time, and a break from all the stress of work and teachers. Lunch time is supposed to be a relaxing space for kids who just want to eat their lunch in peace without  stress. But in this case, the  school’s lunch break is the very opposite of no stress. Let’s take a look at what some freshmen here have to say about this. 

Gianna Gatto, a freshman here at HHS said, “ The lunch situation is so annoying sometimes. Why are we preaching social distancing, while having every student eat lunch at the same time? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Another freshman  interviewed  at HHS  was Breanna Curcio, and she stated,  “I think that lunch is chaotic. Everyone is packed together on the first floor. Even though it may be convenient for the staff and seniors, having lunch together would be considered a plus in my book. But, they should have two lunch periods, so it’s less crowded. “

We can see from the input of just two students that the lunches have been a little disorganized. Quite a few  students have said that they have had issues just having to look for a spot to sit for lunch. 

But how does lunchtime have such a big affect on us?

Lunch should be without a hassle: just wondering where you’re going to sit and if you should get the pizza or the sandwich. But for most students most of their lunch period is just trying to find a spot to sit. The cafeteria is packed with the entire school eating at the same time. Eating with all the freshman, sophomores, juniors, and some seniors can be frustrating at times. But HHS has been trying to take control of that by adding seats in the hallways.

But seating isn’t the biggest problem we are worried about. 

The kids here at HHS take their masks off to eat, but do they put their masks back on when they’re done ? With COVID affecting everybody’s lives, the school has been making precautions in order to get back to normal. One of those precautions is  keeping masks on at all times. When a lot of the kids are done eating they keep their masks down without taking notice that there are a bunch of other people without their masks on. This can have a negative impact on students’ health. 

It is very hard to have a stress free lunch for some students, that is why the students here want  change. If they do go through with the change, I’m sure there will be a positive outcome for the students!