HHS Football

Zak Maali, Staff Writer

The Hawthorne High School football team has been very consistent over the past few years, but this year they are looking to take the next step. The league is back to normal this year compared to the crazy year we had last year. Hawthorne is looking to win the league, as well as the state championship.  They are led by star captains Jayden Shwed and Ashton Navarette, who look to guide their fellow teammates to big things this year. The Bears were 4-2 last year, but due to injuries and COVID-19, their record wasn’t an accurate representation of how good they could be. 

The season has started pretty well, considering they are 4-1. The loss was a hard fought battle between Rutherford and Hawthorne, but the Bulldogs took the game in double OT. The four wins were against Becton(26-0), New Milford(48-6), Glen Rock(37-3), and Garfield(36-0) which were all very dominant performances by Hawthorne. Their next game is against Pompton Lakes on Saturday, October 16 at 1:00pm. Hopefully the Bears can get their fifth win of the season on Saturday against a pretty tough opponent. 

The Clarion interviewed some of the players including Jason Brudzynski, Dunae Yaljrouka, and Jayden Shwed. 


The Clarion: What are your expectations for this season? 

Brudzynski: I think we will be a very good team, and we have a good chance of making the playoffs and possibly winning the league.


The Clarion: How is the chemistry within the team?

Brudzynski: It’s pretty good, we have been playing together for a while now. We all have the same mindset when it comes to winning, and we have each other’s backs no matter the obstacle.


The Clarion: How are you feeling after that loss to Rutherford?

Yaljrouka: It’s a tough loss, but we know we have the heart and passion. The difference between us and the other towns is that this isn’t a team, it’s a family.


The Clarion: Is the state championship within reach for you guys?

Yaljrouka: Absolutely, but we have to focus week to week and not too much on the future or we will lose ourselves in the present.


The Clarion: Do you have high hopes for this season?

Shwed: Yes, we have a great group of players and coaches. We expect a long, successful season.


The team seems pretty confident in their abilities, and their chemistry is solid throughout. Most of the team has grown up playing together due to the youth program we have here in Hawthorne. The team takes on Pompton Lakes on Saturday, so hopefully the boys are ready for the challenge.