HHS Bonfire – A Brief Summary


Dylan Seitz, Editor

The HHS Bonfire was a social event for students, parents, and siblings.

It was a social gathering for people from all around Hawthorne to gather around, enjoy fresh pizza, chicken and waffles, zeppolis, and other commodities. Most importantly, to enjoy the large blazing fire in the distance. The event took place on the football field and the entry fee was 5 dollars.

Many people attended this large event and it was foretold to be the first one since around the 1990’s! As mentioned before, the entry fee to get into the event was 5 dollars, however, once you got in, there was food, music, sport activities for the high schoolers or other kids, and most importantly, the large bonfire towards the back end of the field.

There were firefighters on scene to keep the fire tame, and that they did; they kept the fire in one place, and the scenery was one to bestow. Not to mention the 3 food venues present which was comprised of a fresh pizza place, which made the pizza directly in front of you! The second one was a Waffles and Chicken venue which many went to. Finally, there was the zeppoli, funnel cakes, and fried oreos venue which sold all of our favorite fried desserts.

The fire lasted around 40 minutes, but it was a glorious 40 minutes at that!

The fire seemed to rise vastly into the night sky, and paired with the beautiful weather, it was truly a night you couldn’t miss! There was a DJ there who played songs of our old favorites.

Overall it was a memorable night for some, and I can say, as a representative at HHS, we hope to see it again next year in 2022!