A Reintroduction: Ms. Cheryl Pasquale

Victsi Rodriguez, Staff Writer

 Ms.Cheryl Pasquale is a vice principal of Hawthorne High School.

She came from Turkey in 1999. Ms. Pasquale studied math and became a math teacher instead of an actuary because she wanted to make an impact on student lives instead of sitting in an office punching in numbers.

She worked for 12 years as a teacher, which were successful and the best years of her life. Many of her students have went on to become politicians, lawyers, and doctors; she feels like she made an impact with them knowing….and yes, they still reach out to her to this very day.

Ms. Pasquale worked for one year as a Stem Supervisor and had a lot of fun. She created an app with her past seniors with and connected with this very special project.

Her thought of being a vice principal was different from the reality, due to covid and the cohorts made the transition very hard. She’s really just now getting to know her school.

Her biggest strength is getting to know people and building relationships with them. She tries to get to know her students to be able to understand them, because she believes everyone has their very own story. If she doesn’t get to know her students then she wont know how to help them and how to make them successful.

Her biggest accomplishments are the transitions she was able to make in a short span of time. Seeing everybody happy and being greeted with a smile makes her happy, including the people who express that they need her. Her sense of humor makes her unique and the fact that she doesnt take things to heart and her mythology of idioms and slang makes people laugh. She treats everyone equally and that kids are comfortable with her due to how loving she is.

Ms. Pasquale Fun Facts 

-Loves nature 

-Finds activities to involve her friends that don’t work in education 

-Greatest mentality towards getting along with students 

-Graduated high school in Turkey and the University of Istanbul in Turkey

-Worked great wonders as a flight attendant around the world

-Received her masters degree from TC and J


Quotes from Ms.Pasquale …

“When having challenges with someone know the other parties point of view to better understand the situation”

“Being open to growth is a long term solution to your challenges”