HHS Girls Soccer Season


Cadence O, Staff Writer

The girls soccer season has finally come to an end.

From winning the league and making it all the way to state finals, we can call the season a success. This season will go down in history.

The girls traveled to Mountain Lakes last Friday at 2 pm. They were able to leave school early and the student section was even bussed! This included about 50 students. But that wasn’t all, students were able to be excused from school early and make their own trip to Mountain Lakes. This mainly included seniors. So many students dedicated themselves to the girls and made sure they could make it. The game started with great weather and it was such a nice day for soccer. 

After playing a whole entire soccer game it was now time to go into overtime. The game was so close, we held our own the entire time. Eventually we went into double overtime and before we knew it, we were doing penalty kicks. The girls kicking for us were Briana Andreoli, Ruby Conroy, Sydney Hansen, Ella Sachs, and Sophia Morel. Our goalie was Gabby Devalle. They did an outstanding job, but sadly we lost just by a hair.

Even though we had lost the game, everyone was still so proud of our girls. They have made it so far. Just by having a final record of 18-3 is incredible. Sadly, we have to see our lovely seniors go. These seniors include Gabby Delvalle, Briana Andreoli, Ruby Conroy, Cammi Hoyt, Mya Huerta, and Maya Cabrera.

Even though we have to say goodbye, we will surely bring it all out on the field next year.

Go Bears!