School Uniforms: A Second Look


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A group of young students walking to school together.

Gianna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Should our school make us wear uniforms? 

For some people that question could be challenging to answer. There are many pros and cons to wearing uniforms. On the other hand, it would be very easy to know what you are going to wear for tomorrow and the day after that. But do kids here at HHS want that option ? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of uniforms.

Some people agree that uniforms should be a mandatory requirement for school. Just knowing what they’re going to wear the next day to school helps them relax . The pressure of having to pick out a presentable outfit for school in the morning can be stressful. Some people want to have it all figured out and not have to deal with picking out clothing for the next day.

Another reason why people want to have uniforms is because some people get bullied for their clothing choices. But with uniforms, it can limit what people say about your clothing. But what do the students here at HHS think?

Freshman Breanna Curcio had this to say: “ I think school uniforms would be a lot easier because picking out outfits the next day is a lot of work and takes time out of my day.” The stress of picking out clothes each day is a lot of effort, but with the uniforms they would be straightforward and secure.

Another freshman  Stella Valdez said, “Wearing uniforms isn’t such a bad idea. Picking out an outfit everyday causes me a lot of distress. So wearing uniforms would be better because I don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit for each and every day.”

But not every person thinks like that.

Some disagree with mandatory uniforms. Wearing uniforms limits the students freedom by not letting them express themselves in what clothing they want to wear. Students want to feel comfortable and feel like they have a choice in wearing what they want. While wearing uniforms, some people think the bullying will end, but that’s not always the case.

It might limit the people saying something about what you’re wearing, but the bullying may not always be about the clothes. The uniforms may be detrimental to the way students feel about their bodies. Wearing uniforms can make people feel self conscious and some people aren’t always comfortable with wearing something out of their comfort zone. 

Ariana Benitez, a student at HHS said, “ Wearing a uniform wouldn’t be something I want…I want to wear my clothes and not the clothes the school makes us wear. The uniforms  would be  uncomfortable and unpleasant.”

Some students feel like wearing uniforms isn’t what they want to do. They want to feel comfortable in their own clothes and feel like they have an option.  There are a lot of opinions on if the school should make us wear uniforms… So  what do you think , should schools mandate the uniforms or should they not mandate it?