What Makes a Good Teacher?


Kayla Vlashi, Staff Writer

Anyone can become a teacher; but at the end of the day, what makes a teacher a really good one? That my friends, is the question.

Here in Hawthorne High School, all students hope to walk into a comforting classroom with a welcoming teacher. School shouldn’t be an overwhelming place where students feel uncomfortable, and teachers play a large role in how our days go here at HHS.

The Clarion asked this question of some of the students and teachers here at HHS: What makes a really good teacher?


“Implementing what they say into what they teach.” -Michael Galella (sophomore)


“Making learning fun for the students, through interesting lesson plans.” -Aleks Kosie (junior)


“A teacher who genuinely cares about their students, but also knows when to do their job. Somebody passionate about teaching and a team player.” -Mrs. Ambrogio (teacher) 


“Respectful towards students.” -Adelina Bajrami (sophomore) 


“Wants to see you improve if you struggle…does things to help your grade.” -Isabella P. , Emma L. (juniors)


Hawthorne High School and its students value all of these things and more in our teachers, who we deeply appreciate. Being a teacher means coming in everyday and giving everything you can for the success of your students. It means sacrifice and unconditionally caring for the students you get to know throughout the year and see everyday.