Teacher of the Year: Ms. Danielle Russo



Our Very Own, Ms. Russo!

Sophia Utvik, Editor

HHS Teacher of the Year is Ms. Danielle Russo!

And rightfully so…this is Ms. Russo’s second time winning Teacher of the Year, the last time being in 2012 (around 9 years ago) !! To celebrate this, The Clarion interviewed her, so here are some fun Ms. Russo facts !

When Ms. Russo was a child, she wanted to have a job in the arts, more specifically a museum curator. She went to college for studio arts and art history. She’s been teaching for 21 years. She teaches intermediate art, advanced drawing and design, and studio art honors. Ms. Russo even does commissions !! Her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake with a scoop of ice cream. Her favorite colors are all blues, but her true favorite is turquoise-blue. Her favorite season is spring. Her interests are art and cooking.

Ms. Russo’s favorite art mediums are acrylic and oil paint. She likes coffee more than tea. Her favorite plant is an orcid. If she had to choose two celebrities, she would go to dinner with George Clooney and Salvador Dali. If she could go anywhere in history, she would go to Woodstock in 1969.

Ms. Russo would bring Ms. Clifford, Mr. Kabrel, Mrs. Fusaro, Mr. Guarnieri, and Mrs. Ambrogio if stuck on a deserted island. If she had to choose a superpower, it would be the ability to fly. If a zombie apocalypse came to HHS, Ms. Russo would want Mr. McMann, Ms. Clifford, and Mr. Guarnieri on her team.

Last but not least, the best piece of advice she’s has given someone is to “be passionate in whatever you decide to pursue” – Lindsay Masters/Ms. Russo.