No Masks? What Happens Next? An Opinion

Natalya Batista, Staff Writer

For the past three years we have been in a pandemic.

Covid has affected all of our lives. It is a serious sickness and it causes death. There are different ways to help prevent the spread of this deadly virus and one of the main ways is by wearing a mask.

In school we’ve been wearing masks and it’s usually difficult to breath and talk through the mask.

A lot of students are struggling to keep their masks over their noses, and in school you repeatedly hear teachers telling students “mask over you nose” for us students it is annoying having to hear it, but for teachers it’s also annoying having to say it over and over again.

But now, CDC guidelines suggest many Americans no longer need to maintain a social distance or avoid crowded indoor spaces. This includes schools as well…you no longer need to wear masks in school  if you don’t want too.

Hearing that we might not have to wear masks may sound exciting and especially with students who hate wearing their masks, but for me, I think we should continue wearing the masks a little longer…not for another year, but for another couple of months just to wait it out and see where the numbers fall.

With the masks on, and taking precautions, makes the numbers go down and it makes things easier.

Now imagine when the masks come off, even in school, where there many people in the building… it’s crowded, there are no masks, no social distancing…I think it’s just going to be a mess.

The numbers are going to go right back up just like they were in the beginning.. Whatever we do I still don’t think Covid will ever go away.

What do you think will happen?