Dr. Chopra: Humanities Supervisor


Taylor Peters, Staff Writer

Dr. Kanika Chopra has been the supervisor for Humanities (English and History) here at HHS for this school year.  The Clarion hasn’t had a chance to catch up with her–until now.  



The Clarion: What made you decide to be a supervisor for Humanities here at Hawthorne High School?

Dr. Chopra: As a teacher, I was always reflecting on my own practice and working with colleagues to envision ways to strengthen our academic program. In my previous district, I relied heavily on the support of the community and students to bring new ideas to fruition. In my interview process, I learned quickly that the community of Hawthorne is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that their students have the best opportunities, academic and otherwise. I knew I wanted to be a part of that.


The Clarion: What are some of the things that supervisors do?

Dr. Chopra: Supervisors are tasked with unifying departments around common goals that aim to improve the day-to-day learning experiences of the students. Some days this looks like combing through our curriculum and engaging in dialogue with teachers about how best to support students as they build critical skills. On other days, this looks like conducting classroom observations, giving feedback, and jumping into classrooms to co-teach lessons. A large part of this role also involves designing opportunities for professional development and securing partnerships that will help the students of Hawthorne.


The Clarion: What did you need to go to college for, in order to be a supervisor?

Dr. Chopra: In order to be a supervisor, you need to have earned a Master’s degree and taken additional coursework in staff supervision and curriculum design and development.


The Clarion: What other things can you tell us about your job and yourself?

Dr. Chopra: This is a new role for me, and I’m learning about the unique facets of this position each day.  Although the day-to-day responsibilities of my position are different, I take comfort in the fact that I’m part of a team of incredible educators who are committed to doing what is best for the students of Hawthorne.