The Return Of Carnevale to HHS!


Marifel Miguel, Chief Editor

After a 2 year hiatus, one of HHS’s most anticipated events, Carnevale, is back! Carnevale is (in a nutshell) the Italian version of Mardi Gras…it’s the last big celebration that occurs in Italy before lent begins.

 The word Carnevale means “remove meat” which refers to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of Lent, the traditional Christian/Catholic 40 day period before Easter where they give up something meat-related to commemorate the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert. The Carnevale celebration first originated in Venice in 1094 and has been officially sanctioned in that city since 1296. Carnevale is celebrated with a huge winter festival marked by parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties.

Here at HHS, every year with help from Mrs.Fusaro and Italian club members, they bring in different foods and desserts that are sold at the event. To get a peek of the Carnevale scene every year the Italian I students (as part of an assignment) have to come up with an original Carnevale mask. The Italian II students are to make a costume inspired by Commedia dell’Arte character (Commedia dell’arte was an early form of theater that originated in Italy) The day of the event the Italian I and II students wear their masks and costumes to the event to make HHS feel a little more like the real Carnevale. 

Carnevale returning to HHS is not the only amazing thing about this event…all of the proceeds from Carnevale will be going to the Ukrainian American Youth Association to help with the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

This year’s Carnevale took place on March 18 in rooms 120 and 122…one of the fun things about this event is that the wall between the two classrooms is taken down (a rare sight). The event took place from 9:00 to 12:00 and from what I saw I can confidently say it was a huge success!

It was so exciting seeing such a beloved fun event here at HHS return after a 2-year hiatus, the food was amazing, the rooms looked amazing, and overall everything was so well organized.

After the success I was able to speak to Mrs. Fusaro who is one of the main people involved in planning this event as well as one of the Italian teachers here at HHS and the Italian Club advisor. 


The Clarion: How excited were you about Carnevale returning to HHS?

Mrs.Fusaro:  I was so excited to have Carnevale return to HHS after a year off due to Covid. I feel like we all needed a little fun and celebration after the difficult period of time we’ve all been through.


The Clarion: What is something you always look forward to about Carnevale?

Mrs.Fusaro: I’m always excited about the festive atmosphere of Carnevale. It’s so fun to transform the space to the point that it doesn’t even feel like we’re in a classroom. And of course, I’m always excited about the food!


The Clarion: What were your overall thoughts about this year’s Carnevale?

Mrs.Fusaro: I think this year was one of our most successful events ever, and we raised over $1000 to donate to the Ukrainian American Youth Association which is providing humanitarian aid to people in and outside of Ukraine. This made it extra special for us.


The Clarion: What’s the process of planning Carnevale every year?

Mrs.Fusaro: Planning Carnevale always takes a few weeks and as anyone in the Club will tell you…I’m always nervous that we won’t have enough food. It’s the “Italian mom” in me. (We always do, by the way!)


The Clarion: Do you have a favorite Carnevale memory?

Mrs.Fusaro: I don’t know if I have one favorite memory, but my favorite thing about Carnevale has always been how it brings the community together. Italian culture is centralized around food, and not just for the food itself, but how it brings people together. That’s exactly what Carnevale is all about! 


The Clarion: Anything you’d like to say to the people who helped you plan the event?

Mrs.Fusaro: I’d like to thank in particular Rispoli’s Bakery for donating the Cannoli cream and shells for our cannoli station, Sprinkles for donating the Italian Ice, and Scott Verone and the Brownstone for donating Italian pastries. And all of the volunteers, club members, and school staff that helped make this event one of the most successful ever!


I would like to thank Mrs.Fusaro for taking the time to answer my questions and give a shout-out to the Italian Club members and Mrs. Fusaro and Mr. Dacchille for their hard work in planning such a great event! 

Only the future will tell how amazing next year’s Carnevale will be!