The World Language Induction Ceremony

Marifel Miguel, Chief Editor

The World Language Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday, March 31 in celebration of our hardworking seniors and juniors who have shown dedication to learning a new language and demonstrated outstanding effort in doing so. The juniors (and even some seniors) are inducted into either Spanish or Italian Honors Society while the seniors who were last year’s inductees received their honors cords.

This was the first language induction to occur since 2019 when the class of 2020 got inducted as juniors and the class of 2019 received their honors cords. The years after that (due to Covid-19) the classes of 2021 and 2022 had their inductions virtually so the return of this event is so significant as it demonstrates a step further into a normal world again: as one of the seniors receiving an honors cord, it made me so happy that we were able to have this ceremony since we didn’t have one last year.

In years past the Spanish Honors Society and Italian Honors Society held their ceremonies separately, but this year to show the union and celebration of both languages the ceremonies were held together. Before the ceremonies, all the new and old inductees had practice in the auditorium (and unexpectedly the cafeteria) to practice walking across the stage: the seniors practiced getting their honors cords and handing them out: these were seniors Erin Foley, Rebekah Gaehring, Ariana Pena and Arianna Diaz.

The juniors and seniors being inducted practiced holding their candles and getting into their seats and their places on stage and the MCs for the night, Spanish Honors Society President Fiorella Carvo and Treasurer Natalie Poma and Italian Honors Society co-presidents Olivia Distant and Adrianna Valenti practiced giving their speeches and calling everyone’s name.

On the day of the ceremony luckily everything went smoothly and according to plan. Mr.Spirito and Ms.Pasquale were in attendance as well to give speeches acknowledging both the seniors and juniors who have worked hard these past few years.

After the speeches, the ceremony started by giving the senior’s their honors cords. Since this was a combined ceremony one Italian Honors Society senior received their cord while one Spanish Honors Society senior received theirs. After all the cords were handed out, and the seniors came back to their seats, it was time for the juniors/seniors to officially get inducted.

Before calling them up to the stage a video was shown to the audience of a slideshow that showed each new inductee with a photo of them and their favorite word and quote in the language that they have studied.

When the video was over the new inductees were called to the stage separately (first Italian than Spanish) to get a candle and stand on the stage or risers to recite the pledge in the language society they were being inducted into to officially mark their place in the societies. This then marked the end of the ceremony.

The Clarion would like to congratulate the juniors and seniors for their accomplishments as well as thank Mrs.Fusaro and Mr.Duran for all their hard work not only in planning this ceremony, but in planning a combined ceremony that has never been done before and was executed flawlessly.