Trans Day Of Visibility


Victsi Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Transgender people are those people whose gender identity identifies as the opposite of what they were thought to be at birth.

It is important to support those in the process of becoming who they truly want to be. Support is the best factor and can accommodate one’s feelings. One does not have to understand someone’s identity to respect it. 

March 31,2022 has officially been named as the Transgender Day of Visibility. It was proclaimed as an annual awareness to be celebrated around the world. This day is dedicated to the needs to achieve trans justice.

President Joe Biden recognizes the resilience and strength of trans and gender non-conforming people . He understands that visibility matters and that this progress is to honor lives by advancing equality. Biden advocates eliminating discrimination against all people. 

Remember to educate yourself and be a strong ally. It’s very important to seek resources when having conversations with trans people because they are no different than we are.

Daily Reminder: Treat people how you want to be treated !