Studio Art Completes the 2022 Mural


Lindsay Masters, Staff Writer

On Wednesday May 12, 2022 Ms. Russo and the Studio Art Honors students completed a mural in the senior hallway, completing the hallway’s art.

Ms. Russo has been doing these murals since 2003 and has completed 12 of them: 11 on the first floor and one on the second. Ms. Russo has worked alongside her Studio Art classes for all of these murals. This year’s artists are Kayla Matos, Gianna Morel, Gianna Occhipinti, Alyssa Clemente, and Lindsay Masters.

They have worked on the 45 foot long wall for a total of 72 hours, over the span of six weeks. The mural is titled B Major, after the music note, in reference to the musical elements of the mural. A summary of the piece and its meaning was written by artist Alyssa Clemente that will be shown alongside the mural at the art show for viewers to gain a better understanding of the meaning behind the piece.

Clemente beautifully writes, “According to music theory, the B Major note is an agglomeration of everything bright, colorful, and uplifting; the goal for this mural is to be a visually stimulating, joyous display of artistry. A recurring music-themed motif, images relating to nature such as flowers and butterflies, and the themes of togetherness displayed through an image of diverse women. Flamboyant colors and eye-catching imagery, join together to create a cacophony of love, imagination, and expressiveness. Everything pictured ties together both individuality and connectedness. B Major serves as a tribute to creativity and a love letter to peace and art.”

Students and outside guests are welcome to come to the art show to see the mural in person, or students can see it in school in the senior hallway across from room 124!