Poetry Day

Gianna Gatto, Editor

The Creative Writing Club celebrated their annual Poetry Day in the courtyard on May 24.

Mrs Redmerski, also known as Mrs Red, was in charge. She set the date, and all of the club members were ready for the event.

The Creative Wiring Club started brainstorming ideas in late March. All of the club members had a basic notion of what they intended to express one to two weeks before the event. All club members began putting up their booths in the court yard and finishing touches on their poetry on the morning of May 24.

Without the innovation and hard work of each and every club member, the event would not have been as successful as it was. Each booth offered something unique, as well as a live reading of slam poetry penned by some of the attendees.

There was also rock coloring with your classmates or if you wanted to, you could just sit back and listen to whoever was reading poetry at that time.

The Poetry Day event was a great way to advertise the Creative Writing Club. Anyone who has an aspiration to become a writer (or just enjoys it as a hobby) can now join the club next year and take part in all of the events and club activities that go on.

The Poetry Day event was an excellent way to publicize the Creative Writing Club and the amazing things that it does throughout the year.