New Vending Machine


Maria Nunez, Editor

The Hawthorne High School Entrepreneurship class has created two start up businesses, created by students from the class. The class is taught and supervised by Mr. Innis.

HHS Students (and Juniors) Jordan Sanchez and Zoe Amador created J & Z Rent and Return: a genius idea that provides dress clothes to students for such things as school pictures, job interviews and so forth. Clothes are simply rented and then returned.

Another great idea to spring from the Entrepreneurship class was for a vending machine. This idea came from students Jack Cucci, Kevin Castillo, Riham Choudhury. and Matthew Orlikoff (also from the class).

The vending machine is located in the corner of the old cafe. It was first in operation on Tuesday May 24. 

It is not your ordinary vending machine. It will not be selling any food or snacks, it will actually be selling clothes. Students in the Entrepreneurship class have all been collaborating and some have been making designs for the shirts. Shirts are sold for ten dollars each. Any money made will go towards the Entrepreneurship class and any future projects done. 

This is important to other students and staff because it is something that supports students in the Entrepreneurship class. Students and staff have access to the machine. This article is also to bring awareness to the vending machine and its great cause.

Students clearly love the new vending machine. It is only about 3 days into it being up and a lot of things have been sold. Students have bought many shirts, there are now three designs for the Bears Black Market vending machine. They are also selling stickers. 

Don’t forget to stop by the machine and support the Entrepreneurship class and the great students of Hawthorne High School!