Art Room Renovation

Emily Barbire, Staff Writer

Over the summer, the HHS art room underwent a cinderella, rags to riches transformation. Although, instead of a fairy godmother, many hardworking individuals put their time and effort into transforming the old art room into the new and improved art room.

Back in 2019, the Hawthorne Board of Education proposed a Referendum. Residents of the town would vote on whether they were willing to raise their taxes by about 50 dollars per year to fulfill changes in all Hawthorne schools. The public passed the referendum, meaning that the projects in each school were able to begin.

Renovating the art room was just one of the many impressive improvements in Hawthorne High School over the past three years. Construction on room 120 started this past summer, in June.

Initially, the room was rumored not to be finished by the start of school. However, we were met with a surprise on the first day, as the room was complete.

As you enter the room, you are met with brand-new flooring. Gray tiling now stands in place of the older ones. Above, workers redid the ceilings and installed new lighting, creating a more open feel to the room. The furniture was replaced as well.

Now, as you look around, you may notice the new gray cabinets, tables, and a new sink. The referendum also allowed for new technologies in this space. A new interactive TV will soon be installed, providing a demo space. What may be the best part, are all of the new materials. The students were provided with new easels and other art materials, creating a new studio for them to work.

When asked about the renovations, the beloved art teacher Ms. Russo only said positive things. She raved about the “sleek, industrial, New York City vibe” the room has due to the neutral paint colors and new furniture.

Talking about how she felt about the new space, Ms. Russo said, “I love it! It is more modern, and I am excited to decorate and organize.”