The New Renovations at HHS: The Physics and STEM Lab


Ashley K. Santana, Staff Writer

We all have seen the wires “hanging” around school: and yes, there are some rooms we can’t go in yet… you guessed it we have some new renovations and updates in our school like: the Cafeteria, the Science Lab, the locker rooms, the Football/Baseball field, the Media Center, the Art Room, the Band and Culinary rooms.

The Clarion is here today to talk about one renovation in particular: the Physics and STEM Lab renovation.

This renovated lab provides students a new flexible way to work and develop things much more easy like: the New 3D printing area, a robotics table, and flexible furniture that allows you to work in collaborative and instructional spaces.

The new renovation also includes new casework for equipment and storage solutions.

The new lab renovations and upgrades are kind of a blessing for students and for teachers as well, because it is going to be easier to do more lab experiments, more hands-on learning activities and more student collaboration then before.