“Beartober” Events


Zayna Jatker, Staff Writer

October, or as we call it here at HHS Beartober, always has many events in store for us.

On October 12, the student council is hosting a Block Party on Bamford Ave, from 6:30-9pm. There will be food trucks, games, music, pumpkin painting, and more! Admission is $5 and is open to HHS students and families. You are required to show your student ids at the admission table. Make sure to dress in your fall attire!

This year’s spirit week will be held from 10/17-10/21. Monday’s theme is jersey/jersey shore day. You can wear a sports jersey or dress inspired by the show. Tuesday is soccer mom/barbecue dad. Wednesday is country vs country club. Think tennis skirts and flannels. Thursday is class color day. Seniors are black, juniors are pink, sophomores are green, reshman are purple, and staff is tie-dye! Finally, Friday (Homecoming Day!) is blue and white day. Rep your school colors! Spirit week is a competition between the classes, and the class with the most points gets a free pizza party! Remember to wear your best outfits.

Hallway decorating is taking place 10/20. Each grade has their own theme and are decorating their hallway accordingly. Attend class meetings if you want to be a part of the planning. Whichever grade has the best hall wins! Come after school to help decorate for your class.

The homecoming game will be held on October 21, at 6pm. Preliminary voting is held on the 5th during lunch at a table in the main hallway. Choose 6 classmates to be a part of the 2022-2023 royal court! The final round of voting is held on the 7th. Winners will be announced at the Block Party. Before the game, starting at 4pm, there will be a homecoming tailgate. It will take place in the faculty parking lot. You can pay $20 for a parking spot. You can reserve a parking spot by emailing Ms. Russo at [email protected]

Field goal fan is back! You can win the chance to watch the homecoming game from the endzone on a couch. During the week of 10/3 you can visit the table in the main hallway. 1 ticket is $2 and three is $5. You can choose four friends to watch the game with you!

We hope to see you at all the upcoming functions!