Local Church Helps Ukraine Refugees


Brynn Ashleigh, Staff Writer

You may have heard of Rockpoint Community Church, in North Haledon. As the head pastor’s daughter, I am very happy to inform you about how Rockpoint is helping out the war-torn country of Ukraine. We have three families attending our church, one of which just moved to the USA in the middle of September.

Background Information on Invasion: Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is leading an invasion on Ukraine. So many people, including children, are dying. Homes and cities are being destroyed. Young men are being drafted into the war, most of which are dying, trying to fight for their country. Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is doing what he can to protect his country, but unfortunately it isn’t enough.

Two of the families attending Rockpoint Church are being sponsored. This means another family has been kind enough to take them into their home until they are able to find somewhere else to live. The family that has very recently moved to New Jersey is being sponsored by another fellow Ukrainian family. The generous family who are sponsoring left the Ukraine a few years ago and have been coming to Rockpoint for almost a year now.

Interviewing Pastor Jim Bushoven (head pastor of Rockpoint Community Church)

The Clarion: What exactly is Rockpoint doing to help the Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees?

Jim Bushoven: Rockpoint is working with two Ukrainian families to help them assimilate into American life. The one family arrived here without our church’s support, but has since been attending and we’re pointing them to resources such as ESL (English as Second Language) courses. The second family is staying with a third Ukrainian family who had already established themselves here in America. We are working to supply this refugee family with resources such as home cooked meals, gift cards, donations of needed supplies such as basic bedding and furniture. They are also being given potential ESL connections.


The Clarion: Are there any other people in our church specifically who are also helping Ukraine?

Jim Bushoven: There may be others working with Ukrainian refugees elsewhere, but as a church body we are focused on these two families.


The Clarion: Is there a specific goal?

Jim Bushoven: The specific goal is to support these refugee families until they are self-sustainable here in America. Our hope is that if we are successful and the work proves doable that we’d consider bringing another refugee family. We’ll see what God does.


Kimberly Wolfe is a part of a group who is organizing a fundraiser for Ukraine. If you have any donations – such as clothes, food, money, anything you don’t need – you can call Kim: 201-417-4524. You can also contact me (973-389-3285) or find me at school if you want to learn more or give me donations for Ukraine.