Spanish Fesitival

Ava Iovino and Emily Barbire

The Spanish Honor Society and Spanish Club hosted the Spanish Festival on Friday, October 29. Except for the seniors, most students had yet to experience a typical Spanish Festival. The event started during lunch and ran until the end of the day. Classes signed up to stay at the event for the duration of a class period. Entering the classroom holding the Spanish Festival, members sold tickets for set prices: two tickets for a dollar and five tickets for two dollars. Possession of these tickets unlocked access to food stands and games.

Tables run by the Spanish Honor Society and club members were selling a myriad Spanish food and desserts. Popular selling food included the empanadas made by senior Sofia Sancho’s mom, which were gone by the time the Clarion got there. When asked how quickly the empanadas sold, Sofia Sancho responded, “Twenty minutes into lunch,” and added, “I am very proud of my mom’s hard work on the empanadas everyone loves.”

Another senior honor society member, Emily Bakker, gave her perspective on how the Festival was going. Bakker said, “It is going very well…a lot of action during the lunch period. People who are coming after the lunch period tend to get more desserts than food.”

Other food options included chips and guacamole, tacos, rice and chicken, and desserts, such as coconut flan, churros, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Providing entertainment, students performed live Latin music with instruments: guitar, piano, and bass.

The entire classroom transformed into a space for students to celebrate Spanish culture with food, music, and decorations.