Why Do We Listen to Music?


Arelyn Polanco, Chief Editor

Music is an important part of a lot of people’s lives. Nowadays, people walk around with headphones on and blasting out to music…once we have those headphones in our ears we descend into another world.

As music progresses throughout the world, so does the amount of people who listen to it. Whether it be in the car, on a plane, stores, TV and phones it has become something that is part of our everyday lives.

The question is why? Why do people choose to listen to music everyday. Eager to find out the answer, The Clarion has chosen to interview a few candidates and see why people listen to music? 


The Clarion: Why do you listen to music? 

Arelyn Polanco (Senior/Editor) : I listen to music because music is my “help with life.” Whenever I feel any type of way or just wanna escape reality, I put on a pair of headphones and disappear into my own world. It’s something I can count on to make me feel okay and be able to breathe. 

Dielleza Hysaj (Junior): Music helps me to go on and to get through my day. 

Nathaniel Emil Munoz (Sophomore): Music allows me to relax and escape reality.

Amyli Polanco (Freshman): I listen to music because it helps me concentrate when I’m doing different things. 

Donall Escobar (Senior): Music puts me in a good mood no matter what’s going on around me…or in my life. 

Dayan Kurdi (Junior): Music helps me concentrate and helps me get through hard times especially when I have a lot to think about…music always puts me in a calm and peaceful state of mind and motivates me to be the person that I want to be 


Extra question: 

The Clarion: What’s your top song at the moment?

Arelyn Polanco: “Jungle “by Drake 

Dielleza Hysaj: “Sativa” by Swae Lee 

Nathaniel Emil Munoz: “Clouded” by Brent Faiyaz 

Amyli Polanco: “Hot Dog Dance” by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

Donall Escobar: “1hunnit” by A-Boogie 

Dayana Kurdi : “Secret” by A-boogie