2022: The Year That Was


Emily Barbire, Editor

2022 was an eventful year for all of us.

Around the world, the news buzzed with stories of the war in Ukraine, the World Cup results, and reviews of record-breaking movies that premiered, such as Elvis. However, 2022 was not only a big year worldwide, but for our school as well. As we approach the end of the holiday season, let’s reflect on some of the best moments at Hawthorne High School this year.

To kick off the 2022 school year, the student council held its annual fall pep rally. The pep rally brings energy to the student atmosphere and excites them for the fall sports season. This year was the first time the pep rally had been held indoors since 2019. Due to Covid-19, they have been holding it out on the track for the past two years. This pep rally was unique because the seniors were the only class to have experienced an indoor pep rally. The cheerleaders performed throughout the event, and fall sports captains introduced their teams as each grade cheered them on from the bleachers.

Fast-forward to Beartober, and one night to remember was the Fall Fest Block Party. This was yet another event brought back after having been shut down for the past few years. All grades had yet to attend an HHS Block Party, so it was a first for all of us. There were games, food trucks, music, and more. Arguably, the best part of the night was students getting the chance to pie members of the student council executive board and even a fan favorite, Mr. McMann. Students purchased tickets to participate while Mcmann, Emily Barbire, and Leah Alves took turns sitting in a chair and getting pie tins filled to the brim with whipped cream and chocolate sauce tossed at their faces. You just had to be there.

To cap off the year, the HHS Class of 2023 hosted the annual winter dance, which is always a fun night for students. Held at Macalusos, HHS students of all grades put down their pencils, got dressed up for a change, and headed out to relax and have fun for the night, celebrating the holiday season. There was food, lots of dancing, and even a photo booth. Although this was not the first time many students attended this dance, it continues to feel unique each year.

These were only a few significant events held at Hawthorne High this year. Of course, we can’t forget the spirit weeks, hallway decorating, and lively sports events throughout the year. 2022 has been a special time for HHS students, and as we close out this year, we can only hope that 2023 brings the same energy and excitement.