HHS students: Thoughts on E-Hallpass


Ashley K. Santana, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School has a new way of how students receive a pass to go to the bathroom and it is called  the E-Hallpass.

This is a digital hall pass system that allows students to create passes using check out stations in the classroom. Some students are having a difficult time adjusting to the new system. This is why the Clarion interviewed a couple of students to see how they feel about the E-Hallpass.


The Clarion: Are you feeling comfortable with the E-Hallpass so far?

Student #1: At first it was kind of weird because I was okay with the paper pass: it was only asking the teacher, taking the pass, and going out. Now we have to use the app and wait until the teacher gives me permission to go…I don’t really like that we have only 5 minutes to go to the bathroom because sometimes it takes more than that.

Student #2: I’m still figuring out if I like it or not, but it is kind of weird because they are checking on you and the teacher…and the computer times you while you go to the bathroom which is really weird. I don’t really care because I can still go out.


The Clarion:Do you feel like the E-hallpass is more efficient than the paper one?

Student #1: In some ways it is because it is a digital pass and it is easier… but some people were more comfortable with the other passes because they could just grab it and go…now we have to wait. But it is more efficient because you can’t leave this pass in the bathroom anymore like the paper one.

Student #2:It’s easier, yes, but more efficient? Time will tell…


The Clarion:How do you think that the E-hallpass is going to help with people walking around the school?

Student #1: I think it is working for some people at least…from what I have seen.

Student #2: It is definitely working for the people who actually follow the rules and try to not be around in the hallways a lot.


The Clarion: Overall, do you think that by using the e-hallpass some of the school problems will be solved?

Student #1: I think it helps because they are basically tracking our hallway activity with this app.

Student #2: I’m not sure if it helps every problem, but it does help by tracking you and where you go by putting a timer on your bathroom trip.  This app prevents students from going to the bathroom or anywhere else to meet with our friends…so that’s one of the problems that is being solved.


By knowing these students opinions it is so much clearer how people really feel about the E-Hallpass.