HHS Seniors: 2023 Edition


Ava Iovino, Editor

With the passing of spring break, the end of the school year is starting to ramp up and come to a close.

For seniors, this means graduation and the end of their high school career. Many are preparing for the AP tests at the start of May, and some will be required to take EMPAs for specific classes, depending on grades.

Once these assessments are over, it is all downhill for the HHS seniors. For many, this may be an upsetting reminder; however, many different activities will accommodate that sadness. Activities such as the prom, the senior trip, senior superstars, and project graduation are just some of the fun events that seniors have to look forward to.

The senior prom will take place on June 1 at the Tides Estate. Prior to this date, students will have Memorial day off and two extra days off, generously added by administration due to unused snow days. Seniors must remember to pay 90 dollars and create a table of ten people by April 28!

On June 14, the Physical Education department will be holding senior superstars. The phys-ed teachers create the teams for a fair and even level of competition. Each team will have a phys-ed teacher as a coach along with two captains.

The seniors will also have a senior trip at Dorney Park, with many different rides and a waterpark that seniors can enjoy for the day. The Dorney Park trip will take place on June 15.

Lastly, project graduation will occur after graduation on June 21. Although the PTO does not disclose the location of the project graduation, there is no doubt that this will be a fun last night for the seniors to spend with their entire class.