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What is the Spanish Club?

Brianna Liriano
The Spanish Club

What is the Spanish Club? And what do the members of the club do?  These are very common questions asked whenever the Spanish Club is mentioned. Many think that they have to be of some sort of hispanic heritage to join and this is not the case at all. Mr. Duran, the head of the Spanish Club, has kindly answered some questions people may have about this club.

The first question the Clarion asked was, “What is the Spanish Club and what do you do there?” Mr. Duran told us, “This year we seek to expand on our efforts to impact the lives we touch through extended community service and outreach efforts.”

To further explain, the Spanish Club hosts fundraisers and events with funds going to many different causes by creating an environment where all are welcome and encouraged to do great things.

We were told by Mr. Duran that, “The HHS Spanish Club, in conjunction with the HHS Spanish Honor Society, will be hosting several events throughout the 2023-24 school year including food and toy drives, bake sales and other fundraisers to promote community involvement while embracing our core tenets of culture, friendship and diversity (amistad, cultura y diversidad).”

There were already previous events like the Hispanic Heritage Festival and the Spanish Festival. Both of these events consisted of various foods, with a majority of these foods coming from Spanish culture. These events also had some activities. The Hispanic Heritage Festival consisted of face painting, pumpkin painting, a bouncy house, and many other things. The Spanish Festival had a Fifa tournament against the Italian club and whoever won had bragging rights.

The Clarion asked Mr.Duran, “What does it mean to be in the Spanish Club?”

Mr. Duran replied with, “The unofficial motto of the Spanish Club is Friendship, Culture and Diversity. Last year we used the phrase banderas unidas to celebrate the solidarity of the diverse hispanic nations that comprise our global community.”

The Clarion then asked, “Do you have to be of Hispanic descent to participate?”

Mr. Duran stated, ” We emphasize that you do not have to speak the Spanish language or be of hispanic heritage to make a difference in our community and participate in its inclusion and celebration, all that seek membership in the HHS Spanish Club are welcome. ”

The Spanish Club is a great way to connect with the community and others. They take pride in their culture(s) and share it with everyone. HHS’s Spanish Club is a great way to experience new things, a way to help others, and a way to have fun while doing it.



About the Contributor
Brianna Liriano, Staff Writer
Hi, my name is Brianna Liriano. I am a freshman here at Hawthorne High School and this is my first year writing for the Clarion. I enjoy writing and singing. I love watching horror movies and cooking different foods. I look forward to writing for the official newspaper of HHS!