No More Chocolate Milk

Olivia Meier, Staff Writer

Is milk always good for you? Yes, it gives you calcium, but it is also full of a lot of sugar.

Some chocolate milk containers have as much sugar and calories as a can of soda. Chocolate milk is also linked to child and adult obesity according to a recent study by Robert Cohen, executive director of Chocolate milk containers can range from 150 to 180 calories.

So why do schools serve this in cafeterias? People still think it’s extremely healthy. Also some kids won’t drink the skim or 2% milk they serve as an alternative. Other alternatives like those small apple and orange juices just aren’t enough either. Kids need more to drink than that. Even though chocolate milk does give students energy, the school lunches should provide enough starches and protein to do the job.

My solution? Replace the chocolate milk containers with small water bottles. Yes, I know they have water bottles for sale but they cost a dollar extra minimum. Some kids just don’t have that kind of money to spend.

There are many other unhealthy things in school cafeterias but taking away chocolate milk is a little step schools can take to becoming healthier.