Time for Teens to Show Respect

Allexa Wozniak, Staff Writer

In the first week of December the new Teen Center at the Hawthorne Public Library was closed for a few days. When told why, as a teenager I was extremely upset. The fact that some teens got into a fight and took advantage of the new staff is just showing why teens have been unwelcome in the past. It is unfair the way two or three students can ruin good things for everyone. I feel very bad for Kathie O’Dowd and Lillian Brightly who put in so much time and effort to make the library a place where people of all ages can feel welcome. They opened a place for teens to hang out after school, helped teens with homework, and offered themed nights to have fun with friends. The Louis Bay II Library staff is doing their part for teens. It’s now time for the teens to show their respect for the library by following the few rules they have. The year 2012 could be the best year ever for teens at the public library.