New Computer Labs in HHS

Jessica Terrizzi, Staff Writer

At the beginning of this school year, the library and the computer lab in room 305 were unavailable to the students and staff while they were being renovated. Now that they are open, students feel that it was worth the wait.

Although the computer labs and the library in Hawthorne High School are in the older part of the building, they now appear newer and have a welcoming look. The old, damaged  books are cleared off of the shelves of the library and the old art work has been replaced with new art created by the art students of Hawthorne High School. In the third floor computer lab, new computer tables and computers were put in.

These additions to the computer labs/library make them look much better than they did last year. In fact, they came out better than expected. The computers are new and the tables are put together in an organized fashion, giving both computer labs a professional look. Students now have a pleasant place to complete their assignments.

Since the computers are new, there have been some occasional glitches, but once a glitch is discovered it is immediately reported and it is fixed. Because of this, the problems with the computers are only temporary, which is much better than in years past when the computers were so old they could not be fixed when broken.

Hawthorne High School sophomore, Sarah Kearlsey, said, “I think that the new computer labs were much needed and they look so much better now than they did before.” The students at HHS agree with her. Closing the library and the computer labs to make these improvements has benefitted all students.