A Rushed Prom?

Sabrina Mohsin, Staff Writer

All HHS students who are attending the prom on June 1, 2012 are given less than four hours to prepare before the bus departures at 4:30 p.m. Many HHS students are not pleased with the minimum time given for the prom preparation.

Because prom is one of the most memorable moments in a teen’s lifetime, it takes time to get ready for this special occasion, especially for girls. We have to have our hair, make-up, and nails done. There are also accessories to get ready, and of course it takes time to make sure the dress is perfect and that there are no malfunctions. I know some people think it’s most important to just enjoy your time with friends. I agree that the most important aspect of the prom is to have fun; however, it would not be appropriate to arrive at a high-class place looking inelegant on this special occasion.

Some people believe by allowing students to leave at 1:06 p.m., HHS students are given more time to focus on their school work on the prom day. According to Mrs. Dallessio, a teacher at HHS and senior advisor, “Seniors may not be fully focused any day in June. We need to be in school for certain hours of the day to be counted as a school day. We need to be in school so many days to meet state attendance requirements.”

For the past four years, senior students have been waiting for this day. This is the day when students can celebrate their accomplishments with others. On this day students can look back at their high school years, but also get ready for their future. The last thing on a student’s mind is what Shakespeare wrote in 1606.

Allie Speranza, a senior at HHS, admits she will not be able to concentrate during school because of the prom excitement. “I will be thinking about my hair appointment, the pictures that I will have to take, and getting dressed. It takes a lot of time,” said Speranza.

The rule about having to stay in school until 1:06 p.m. has been enforced every year for every dance. I agree with Dallessio who said, “If the time changed for every dance each year there would always be people who will be confused.” However, because the buses for the prom are arriving at an earlier time than in prior years, there needs to be a change in the time for the students’ dismissal.

Even an extra 20 minutes can give students enough time to prepare for one of the greatest moments in their lives. Is anyone in the administration listening? We’d like your opinion on this.