Dress Code in HHS

Jessica Terrizzi, Staff Writer

In Hawthorne High School, some students would argue that the dress code we are required to follow is too strict and we shouldn’t have to abide by it. Just because one person finds an outfit inappropriate, it doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees.

Some may argue that by controlling the way the students dress, it makes the school a better learning environment. However, I disagree. This is because not many people pay attention to the clothing of the other students while they are in class. If anything, they pay more attention to the rumors and gossip that goes on in class.

There are only some clothing articles on the list of banned clothing that make sense to me such as see through tops and beach wear. The rest, I find, are ridiculous. For example, what difference does it make if someone wears a tank top, pajamas, flip flops, or cut offs? These clothes don’t expose a lot and are mostly what’s in style. If someone doesn’t feel like putting on jeans, they should be able to just put on a pair of pajama bottoms without being asked to change during the day.

The dress code shouldn’t be a big deal for teachers and school administrators and there certainly should not be school uniforms. This is because the way that students dress does not affect the teachers. By keeping students from dressing the way they want to, it basically takes away their first amendment rights; the freedom of expression and speech.

The way that students express their personalities and their creativity is mostly by their choice in clothing. Some people may not find it appropriate, but it is each student’s way of showing others who they are. Without that, there would be no diversity in our school.

Although many towns such as Manchester and New Brunswick have decided to get school uniforms since they’re really cracking down on the dress code, it does not mean Hawthorne should do the same.