Uniforms at HHS: A Good Idea

Ammy Pena, Staff Writer

       Many high schools in our area require students to wear uniforms. This policy saves students and parents money and time. It improves self-esteem. It removes the temptation to wear inappropriate clothing. And it contributes to school safety. For all of these reasons, I believe that the school district of Hawthorne should consider enacting a uniform policy.

If HHS had a uniform policy, it would save students and parents a large amount of money. Fashion trends change constantly and to follow a trend to stay “cool” is not cheap. As soon as a “trendy” item is purchased, it is no longer fashionable and it must be replaced with another expensive trendy item. For instance, if leather jackets are the latest trend, many students will buy the best-looking leather jacket out there. But a month later, varsity jackets with silk letters may become the newest trend, and students will then want to purchase that kind of jacket, forgetting all about the leather jacket. In a tough economy, like the one we face in 2013, uniforms might be the best policy for financial reasons.

Also, uniforms would save time for many teens. Picking out new clothes and outfits takes time away from a student’s morning. A uniform would give students more opportunities to do other things like extracurricular activities at school. For example, there are many morning activities at school like (club meetings, tutoring sessions, extra credit work, test make-ups, and class cabinet meetings) that students miss because they can’t get dressed and get to school early. Surely there are many who would like to attend and having uniforms will give them the morning time for them to get ready and go.

Additionally, a uniform policy would better the self- esteem of students and help them avoid clothes that are inappropriate. Knowing that they don’t need to have high-end clothes to show off or feel accepted to other peers, will help students gain confidence in other areas of their lives. For instance just as athletic uniforms promotes unity and pride, school uniforms will do just the same.

Equally important, uniforms are best for an educational setting. Even though there is a dress code in the school, it is certain that students will try at some point to go against the dress code. For example, some try to get away with wearing low cut tops, sheer covering, pajama bottoms, or short shorts.  These types of clothes can be distracting and/or offensive to other students. Uniforms would bring an end to fashion that has no place in the school’s hallways.

Uniforms would also contribute to the safety measures the school is trying to put into place.  Before this school year, students had to wear photo identification lanyards to prove they belonged here. Since we no longer do that, how can the administration easily identify an intruder versus a student?  School uniforms would solve that problem.

School uniforms would solve many problems in our high school. I just don’t see the down side. What are your thoughts?