Class Rings: Are They Worth the Price?

Hector Castillo, Staff Writer

Class rings are now on sale at Hawthorne High School and, of course, many students look forward to buying these rings and wearing them with pride. These rings are purchased for their sentimental value and can be great keepsakes, but are they really worth the cost?

Senior Sha’la Padilla states that class rings are good for remembering the four years in high school, but are not necessarily needed. For others, the fact that class rings can be customized to include personal hobbies and interests that students had during their high school careers is a big plus and adds to the sentimental value of the ring. Senior Erica Milbrook said, “I like the class rings. They’re a bit expensive, but it’s nice that a student can customize them.”

Still, some students hesitate to buy the ring. Class rings can come at a high cost. At Hawthorne, the price for class rings can range from about $150 to $500, depending on certain factors such as the metal and design chosen. This can be quite costly for only a high school keepsake.

Another disadvantage to class rings is that after high school, many people never wear their rings again. English teacher Kali Spoelstra says “I bought a class ring in high school, and I wore it throughout my high school career. However, after high school, I’ll be honest, it stayed in my jewelry box.” Although they do serve as a wonderful keepsake, usually the owner puts it in a drawer or jewelry box and forgets about it. If class rings are treated in this manner, then many may feel they aren’t worth the price.

After looking at both sides of the argument, it is my opinion that class rings are valuable. As long as it is taken care of and kept safe, a class ring can be a great reminder of one’s time spent in high school. Also, with all the customization options available, class rings can be adapted to one’s exact specifications and become truly unique.  Thus, class rings are definitely worth it.