Does Mr. Hawthorne Need a Miss Hawthorne?

Ammy Pena, Staff Writer

Last year the HHS Student Council created a fundraising event known as Mr. Hawthorne. The male talent competition is “light-hearted as an event, to showcase kids being kids,” stated art teacher and head of Student Activities, Danielle Russo. The event has been such a huge success that the questions arises: Should there be a Miss Hawthorne competition as well?

Some students believe a Miss Hawthorne competition would not be a good idea. Sophomore Kimberly Cano said, “A Miss Hawthorne show is a bad idea due to the caddy behavior that would extract from the title.” She believed it would turn into a popularity contest over a fun, talent show. Two seniors from the period 2 Study Hall, who asked not to be named, also agreed with Cano’s opinion. They stated it would become “crazy,” and turn into a beauty pageant full of competition and caddy behavior. A Miss Hawthorne competition could lose the entertainment factor of the Mr. Hawthorne competition, and turn into strictly into a beauty pageant based on looks and popularity.

On the other side of the argument, some students have a more positive view of having a Miss Hawthorne show. “It would be awesome. I would win,” said senior, Nicola Vierno.  Some students agree with Vierno’s opinion of a Miss Hawthorne show being an “awesome” idea. Senior Tiffany Christensen and freshmen Christian Castillo, both would like to see the girls of Hawthorne High get a chance to “show off” like the guys do. Another senior, who preferred not to be named, stated that, like the Mr. Hawthorne competition, a Miss Hawthorne would be fun and entertaining. A Miss Hawthorne competition could be a chance for Hawthorne’s ladies to show off their talent and personalities, as well as put on a great show. “A Mr. Hawthorne needs a Miss Hawthorne standing next to him,” states junior Lis Mendez

Overall, I believe a Miss Hawthorne competition would be a good idea even with the negatives. Not only would the girls of Hawthorne have the spotlight for one night, but the school would also get to see a diverse group of talents and personalities shine on stage.